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Because I know someone will ask, the Grudge is a horror movie based on Judon an Asian horror movie. You can hear the noise there, or rent the movie and rind out why it’s kind of creepy. Based on a true story.

Duck Butt Toilet paper. it’s Soft and White
On Pens: I take my art seriously. I try lots of different art supplies to get the best balance between quality and ease of use.
Copics are good quality pens. Professional Comic-making pens, and all that. So I said ‘ah -ha! if I buy the refillable ones, in the end, I’ll save money just like the color markers (I love copic markers.)
And after two years I suddenly realized: I don’t like them. They require you to move the pen veeeeeeeeeery slowly for some reason, so it’s fine for detail work, but for long lines (like I tend to use) they give spoty results. I then realized that I hadn’t liked them SINCE I GOT THEM, and had been buying more disposable inking pens (the copic non refillable pens, by the way, are WONDERFUL and I want more of them) but I’d been forcing myself to use them, because they were supposedly some of the best, and I wanted to use the best in some desperate hope that it would transfer over to my art.
So, onward I go to keep testing every pen that comes across the market. Though I have learned my lesson- always use archival ink!